Your Lifestream as One Big Affiliate Link – By Brian Littleton

by Shawn Collins on April 29, 2010

“Hobbies of any kind are boring except to people who have the same hobby.” – Dave Barry

I’m reminded of that quotation every time I try to explain Twitter to anyone, or defend its worth. As a performance marketer, or someone on the verge of entering into our world, this is a critical piece of information to understand. It may sound counterintuitive, but your lifestream (the daily journal of your life) is worth money.

From where I’m sitting, I’ve can safely say that lifestream marketing has kicked off more performance marketing careers than likely any other cause. Today, getting involved is even easier, due to the development of sites such as Facebook, Twitter and WordPress.

There is virtually no barrier to entry nor learning curve. Lifestream marketing simply involves telling the world about what you are good at and what you enjoy.

One of the largest communities of lifestream marketers includes those in the Tech/IT/Development world. Developers know that if they run into problems they can’t solve on their own, simple Internet searches can yield hundreds of results. This same principle holds true across all hobbies. At some point, an individual will come to the same bridge that an old pro has already crossed. This particular niche has developed some highly recognizable names such as “Experts Exchange”.

There are other niches that are much less developed, and are essentially wide open audiences waiting for someone to speak to them. While there is no current data on this theory, to my knowledge, my educated guess is that the majority of money to be made in lifestream marketing encompasses problem solving.

As most searches on the Internet involve finding an answer to a question (especially those embarrassing to ask in public), so think about what you do well. Are you good at fixing computer problems? Do you have experience repairing air conditioners? Are you an expert car technician? Have you been to the local deli today know what soup they are serving? You get the point.

It is extremely likely that the solution you found can help someone else. No matter how easily the solution comes to you, never make the assumption that the problem isn’t a big one to someone else.

Start with a WordPress blog and, quite simply, just start posting everything you do regarding your area of expertise. It doesn’t have to be technical, nor does it have to be difficult. It just has to solve a problem.

Use keywords or titles in your posts that match what you would say if you were asking the questions. For example: “What are the best low-fat Thai recipes?” Think about how another person would ask the question and tailor your post to that. If you stick to it, you’ll likely end up with a decent amount of traffic that you can begin to monetize using affiliate marketing.

Brian Littleton is the President & CEO of, Inc., a performance marketing network based in Chicago, IL.

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