Mobile First for Google. How About You? – By Michael Martin

by Shawn Collins on May 1, 2010

Mobile has been declared to be the focus of marketing with statements of next year almost as long as Red Sox fans had been saying it during their 86 year drought.

2010 is finally the next year for mobile marketing as Google CEO Eric Schmidt declared it so at the Mobile World Congress with Google’s new mantra of “Mobile First”.

On the same day, Facebook essentially echoed this focus as they affirmed 2010 is a watershed year for mobile with approximately half their users already accessing the service via a mobile device.

Why it’s important to these major Internet companies is the same reason it’s important to affiliate marketers as mobile is quickly becoming the most popular endpoint for users. This endpoint for users is done on a personal device that is more engaging and direct while also being timely and location aware.

The iPhone truly brought smartphones into mainstream use in America, and Android takes it a step further, similar to IBM PCs proliferating over the inroads that Apple and Macs paved. Over 100 different Android devices will be available this year, along with the new iPhone 4.0 & Mobile Phone 7, as they blaze an Oregon Trail to a new Wild West for affiliate marketers to lay claim to.

This new frontier will quickly advance to full mobile TV and video, along with a dominance of augmented reality merged with location aware social media and gaming.

Will you be amongst the first in the mobile gold rush?

Michael Martin PMP is the SEO Director at Resource Nation based out of San Diego, California.

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