Increase your Productivity and Decrease Your Workload – By Brian Williams

by Shawn Collins on May 4, 2010

As an Internet marketer since 1994, like you, I began every day writing down the short list of tasks I needed to do, and the long list of tasks that I was either following up on or doing for others who did not. My biggest challenge was finishing my short list every day and failing to invest most of my time doing the highest value activities.

When I mastered the “Seven Habits of Highly Successful People” and “The One Minute Manager”, my success blossomed and my results soared. My secret is so simple you may have to read this twice to grasp it: I learned to only do work that was AT my pay grade, and stop doing work below my pay grade.

This is not to say I ignored work below my pay grade. I literally mean I stopped doing it and made sure others finished it automatically.

New World Thinking

Today the world has become more efficient than forward thinkers like Steven R. Covey and Kenneth H. Blanchard ever imagined it would be.

Internationally ubiquitous communication systems like Skype, GoToMeeting and Screencast go everywhere – including third world, English-speaking countries with young, talented, hard working and Internet savvy superstars.

Virtually speaking, this has led to a form of business that was unimaginable 20, 15, or even 10 years ago. It is the virtual team business.

Today, growing companies are taking advantage of outsourcing their staff to increase capacity and profitability. Companies failing to outsource staff will eventually die. The few companies that are able to put off the employee outsourcing model are in a niche where competition is low. The dynamics are such that an affiliate marketer who embraces and masters virtual staff outsourcing will take his business to the next level and stay ahead of lesser competition.

So, What Do I Outsource?

Fortunately for affiliates, many companies offer outsourced staff that match the needs we require to be successful and focus our time on higher value activities such as strategic niche building and tightening relationships with our affiliate managers.

For example, SEO, PPC management, copy writing, website design, blog creation, link building, social bookmarking, viral video marketing, video editing, keyword research, A/B split testing, reporting, and my personal favorite, cleaning out my email inbox are no longer tasks that I personally do. These get done by my virtual (overseas) team. For between $400 and $700 per month, you can hire a full-time virtual employee.

I repeat: Failure to embrace outsourcing and affiliates will die, just like the manufacturing business died in the USA.

Brian Williams is an affiliate marketer and President of Pear Lake Partners, LLC, a full service Internet Marketing provider; was part of the founding team at, and launched internet lead generation at Toyota USA.

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