How to Kick the Hype Habit – By Rosalind Gardner

by Shawn Collins on May 7, 2010

As an affiliate marketer, you’re far too smart to fall for a line like “Make $100 Million (Lose 20 Pounds, Score a Hottie, Cure Your Acne) by Tomorrow – Guaranteed!!!” Right?

Well, if you’re under the mistaken impression that your prospects are somehow less savvy than you, or that the best way to promote products online is by mimicking the copy that shows up in your spam folder, it’s time to reconsider your approach, as all but the most indiscriminate and unsophisticated buyers are sick and tired of hype.

Like you, they have endured “snake oil” pitch bombardment for years. And with less money to spend in this down economy, smart shoppers are even more resistant to blatant sales copy. Write just one word to make the needle on their B.S. detector flicker ever so slightly and you’ve killed the potential for a sale. Worse, you have also lost the opportunity to build a profitable long-term relationship.

If you really want “killer” conversion rates and “eye-popping” commission checks, learn to tone down your “amazing” promotional vocabulary and kick the hype habit with the following 5 tips.

1. Avoid making absolutist claims. Unless you are the one person on planet who can predict the future, don’t offer guarantees which cannot be delivered with absolute certainty. More than a few affiliates have had their ClickBank and AdWords accounts suspended for making false benefit claims about their merchants’ products. If you’d prefer to stay out of court for deceptive advertising – keep it real.

2. Stay away from the CAPS lock. You don’t have to SHOUT at your prospects to get your point across. Just one exclamation point is all you ever need, if an exclamation point is required at all. Attract and appeal to a broader, more intelligent audience with simple and direct wording, without the cheesy styling gimmicks.

3. Don’t sell. Avoid “buy it now” and other aggressive sales terminology to create false urgency and make the quick sale. Your job is to educate readers so they can make well-informed buying decisions. Leave it up to your merchant to seal the deal.

4. Be patient. Hype-up copywriting is a symptom of laziness. A sustainable business takes time to develop, so don’t rush. Make the effort to create rapport with your audience by getting to know who they really are – their problems, wants, needs and desires.

5. Be empathetic. Communicate your understanding of your readers’ situation on an emotional level to build trust and the basis for a long-term relationship.

Use the copywriting strategies above to create something better than “grab a sucker quick” hyped-up copy that might make a few quick sales, yet destroys your long-term business prospects.

Work at it. You can have a more lucrative and sustainable affiliate business when you strive to diffuse skepticism, forge emotional connections and create relationships with prospects who trust you with their hard-earned cash.

Learn to craft copy that builds trust and credibility with intelligent people – like yourself.

Rosalind Gardner is the author of the best-selling “Super Affiliate Handbook” and her various blogs and consulting services can be accessed through

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