Data Feed Software for Affiliates

by Shawn Collins on May 27, 2010

Q: What data feed software would you recommend to a novice or intermediate affiliate? I have a number of domains that I have not monetized. I am thinking of purchasing the software so that I can take advantage of the data feeds from the publishers.

A: One thing I would suggest right away for a novice is to convert your sites into WordPress (if you’re not using it already).

WordPress is an easy, scalable content management system, and while I used to hand code the HTML on all of my affiliate sites, they are all in WordPress now.

And there are some WordPress plugins that enable you to word with data feeds.

One that I recently purchased is called CSV 2 POST. Personally, I wasn’t too happy with it, but that is due to my own laziness. I tried to use it without reading the documentation, and I was unsuccessful.

In my opinion, it wasn’t very intuitive. I was frustrated by it, and haven’t tried using it again.

CSV 2 POST has lots of video tutorials, and it may well be simple to use.

The creator of CSV 2 POST has also just created Easy CSV Importer, and based on the description, it looks easier than CSV 2 POST.

There is another data feed plugin called Datafeedr. I haven’t used it myself, so I cannot personally recommend it, but I’ve heard great things about it from other affiliates. I plan to try it out in the future.

Take a look at those two plugins, and you should be able to get moving quickly on some data feed sites.

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