The Worst of Affiliate Thing

by Shawn Collins on May 31, 2010

Download audio file (affiliate-thing-pilot-120606.mp3)

This week on the Affiliate Thing podcast, Shawn Collins and Lisa Picarille skipped out for Memorial Day and left the very first episode of Affiliate Thing to play in their absence.

We started the podcast back on Wednesday, December 6, 2006 and the first couple months of Affiliate Thing shows aired on BlogTalkRadio.

That first show didn’t exactly receive rave reviews. Haiko de Poel, Jr. summed it up in one word: “Sucked.”

I’d like to think we’ve improved since then. I was pretty heavy on the “ums” ever couple seconds.

After BlogTalkRadio, we hosted the show on WebmasterRadio for a while, but they seem to have purged those episodes.

Later, we moved to our current home as one of the first shows on You can find over 100 episodes of Affiliate Thing on

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