Affiliate Summit East 2010 Challenge Tally for June 2, 2010

by Shawn Collins on June 1, 2010

The Affiliate Summit East 2010 Challenge, a Nike+ Challenge where Affiliate Summit will donate $1 to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade for each mile run (up to $5,000) through the challenge is getting very competitive and the miles are adding up.

There are currently 70 folks involved in the challenge, and the top ten runners have already tallied 1,872.22 miles.

Overall, there have been 4,044.59 miles run by all of the participants, so it’s $4,044.59 raised so far.

I am at #18 right now (see my Nike+ profile) with 107.25 miles, and I am working on moving up a few spots.

Here are the top ten runners, as of June 2, 2010.

This is an invite only challenge, so that we don’t have a bunch of random people joining. If you’d like to participate, shoot us an email.

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