Making Money with Articles

by Shawn Collins on June 28, 2010

Q: How can I make money as an affiliate with articles?

A: There are a number of ways you can monetize articles, and I’ll share some things I am doing.

I am an Expert Author, and when other people post those articles on their sites, I get traffic from a link they have to include with the article. So in this regard, articles are a traffic source to my relevant sites.

In turn, I am able to monetize that traffic that comes from my articles. Plus, since these sites are linking to me, I get some degree of SEO benefit, as well, and I’d consider that a form of currency.

Also, has a variety of RSS feeds where you can import excerpts of articles to your blog. It varies from category to category, but I’m using a handful that have new content daily.

For instance, one you can take a look at is I initially created this as a fitness blog I intended to update regularly, but lost interest along the way.

So, instead of just shuttering it, I figured I’d start pulling in relevant content, and I began importing the articles on running from I run some Google AdSense and affiliate ad units on the blog.

As far as pulling in the RSS feed(s), I use a WordPress plugin called AutoPost.

There are certainly other ways to monetize content, but these are a couple things I am doing.

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