Not Only Did I Get a BlackBerry Torch, but I Love It

by Shawn Collins on August 27, 2010

I checked the other day and saw I was eligible for an upgrade on AT&T from my BlackBerry Bold, so I took a look at the site to see which phones were available.

Of course, they’ve got the iPhone 4 there, and a variety of Android phones with the Dell Aero on the way. Plus, I thought about the Dell Streak as my primary phone (still plan to get it as an extra toy).

Dell Streak

But I went with the BlackBerry Torch, a phone I scoffed at when it was released.

I’ve never cared for the iPhone after repeated attempts to like it. I use an iPod Touch for my music, and can’t stand to use it for email when it’s the only handy device. I simply can’t type fast and correct on that keyboard.

In addition to my BlackBerry Bold, I’ve had a Nexus One since January. I really like the size, weight, and functionality of this Android phone, but I’ve got the same keyboard gripes there as I have with the iPhone.

I type a lot on my phone – I’m talking multiple paragraph emails regularly. And the only phone that I’ve really been productive with over the years has been the BlackBerry.

So, I ordered the BlackBerry Torch and had low expectations. But you know what? I am crazy about this device.

It’s got all of the fun features of the various touch-screen phones, and the option to type on the screen, but then I get to slide out my tactile keyboard.

I’m not going to list out the specs and all that nonsense you can read at 50 different tech blogs. Instead, I’ll show you how it looks next to my Nexus One and BlackBerry Bold with the keyboard in and out.

BlackBerry Torch with keyboard in

BlackBerry Torch with keyboard out

The BlackBerry Torch does what I need my phone to do – it makes it easy for me to work on the go, plus it has the easy experience for social networks and media.

It’s a phone mullet with the BlackBerry in the front and the touch-screen in the back, and it’s my new addicition.

Haters gonna hate.

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