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by Shawn Collins on August 27, 2010

Q: Where is a good place to find contracts? Specifically, I am looking to create a contract with a content provider where we split affiliate revenue. Where is a good source for such contracts?

Shawn CollinsA: There are two different options. One resource I use for boilerplate legal documents is

They have a variety of contracts for a reasonable price, and you can then customize them for your needs.

Otherwise, if you have something that is more specialized, I would suggest consulting with a lawyer.

You should be able to find somebody locally that will assist you at an hourly rate.

I’ve gone with lawyers for some contracts, especially more substantial deals, to be sure everything was done right.

While it can be a little frustrating to spend that sort of money for a few pages of information, consider the importance of this document in protecting your interests, and the fact that you aren’t equipped with sufficient legal knowledge.

Think of it in terms of this quote from Jim Rohn: “You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.”

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