How Many Affiliate Networks for an Offer?

by Shawn Collins on September 30, 2010

Q: How many affiliate networks as a merchant we should join to make affiliate program successful? We have joined about top 7 affiliate networks and we are still looking to join more. Please suggest.

Shawn CollinsA: Wait… what? You already belong to seven networks? I am assuming this question is related to CPA networks.

It would be insane to create that many instances of a revenue share affiliate programs on different networks.

Anyhow, rather than try to place your offer everywhere, I would suggest limiting the offer to maybe a couple of networks, if not just one.

When you spread the offer across so many networks, it becomes diluted. If you’re exclusive to a bigger network, you may get attention from the bigger affiliates, and if you go exclusive with a smaller one, ask for enhanced exposure and hype.

My advice is to go with 1-3 networks and determine which one is the biggest driver for you, and then go exclusive with them.

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