Video as Affiliate Marketing Creative

by Shawn Collins on December 29, 2010

Q: When does it make sense for affiliate managers to promote video as an option?

Shawn CollinsA: Yesterday. There is no reason to hold off testing out video.

Just do it right now. You don’t need a highly produced video. Give it a shot with a low-budget, short video about your company or most popular products.

This is a low threshold way to gain some insight and get a feel for the interest level from affiliates.

The videos that I put out on YouTube are created with digital camera mounted on a cheap tri-pod. I edit the videos with a software that cost less than $100. I use a minimal amount of the features, and you can make them look really sharp.

Also, if you already have TV commercials, you could re-purpose them for affiliates.

Video: Video as Affiliate Marketing Creative

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