Cupcake Economy and Affiliate Marketing

by Shawn Collins on January 29, 2011

I pass this fancy cupcake place, “Hey, Cupcake,” near my house all the time, and I’ve always been a little curious. But I had stayed away on principle. $2.75 per cupcake?!

Hey, Cupcake in Austin, TX

However, I stopped by today and picked up three cupcakes to share with the family: Vanilla Dream (vanilla buttercream top, vanilla cake), Red Velvet (cream cheese top, velvet cake), and Michael Jackson (cream cheese top, chocolate cake).

And I didn’t think I’d be saying this, but they were worth it.

Hey Cupcake 003

Sure, for the price of one of these cupcakes, I could get a half dozen in the grocery store. But there is a difference, and sometimes it’s worth it to pay the price.

The whole cupcake experience reminded me (don’t try to figure out how my mind works) of something I wanted to promote as an affiliate earlier this week.

I went to apply, and wondered which of the many affiliate networks the program was on. As it turned out, it was one of those programs that uses a software I’ve never seen before. I didn’t apply.

Any new affiliate program I join and promote is a fancy cupcake to me and my time and effort is the currency.

In this case, the ingredients of the cupcake, er, affiliate program, were not exciting enough to me to go through the extra trouble to create a new account. So I kept my money in my pocket. You get it, right?

Just my roundabout way of saying I prefer affiliate programs on established networks to limit the risks (flawed tracking, non-payment, etc.) to me, as well as not having the hassle of a new login somewhere. And I love Vanilla Dream cupcakes.

Read my review of Hey, Cupcake on Yelp.

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