Guide to Creating Online Videos

by Shawn Collins on February 22, 2011

Jim Kukral put out the Online Video Toolkit, a guide to making high-quality Web videos on a budget, a few years back for free.

It was a great resource at the time, but it’s a bit dated now.

So, Jim has come out with version 2 of his Online Video Toolkit, which is comprised of 20+ video tutorials that show how to make powerful Web videos.

If you’re not familiar with Jim, he knows his stuff when it comes to video. I’ve learned a whole lot from him as he broke new ground with online video.

This new, paid version will help aspiring Web video folks..

  • How to drive sales, leads, and publicity
  • Which equipment to buy
  • How to create screencasts
  • The top tools and resources
  • How to generate traffic to your videos

Get the Online Video Toolkit.

More Info: Click here

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