How to Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing

by Shawn Collins on March 26, 2011

I was thinking about writing a book on the basics of affiliate marketing, but decided against it for a variety of reasons.

Instead, I decided to deliver the same content, as I write it, for free in the form of a blog called the Extra Money Answer.

Directions to make money with affiliate marketing

This site is going to take people from the point of coming up with an idea for a site to getting the domain and hosting, as well as promoting the site, applying to affiliate programs, and monetizing the site.

The tips, advice, and information will be based on my own experiences creating affiliate sites, and I won’t say it’s a definitive guide to creating an affiliate site.

Rather it’s one way to do it.

And nobody is going to get rich quick with the method I suggest. But, if the process is followed, the affiliate site can be a great way to earn an extra $50, $100, or more a month.

Check out the Extra Money Answer.

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