Webinar Replay: SEO from Experience with Shoemoney

by Shawn Collins on April 26, 2011

Thank you to everyone who attended the live webinar yesterday entitled “SEO from Experience with Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker. If you couldn’t make it to the live event, good news, we’ve made a recording of the webinar and you can watch it below, or on YouTube at your convenience.

In this webinar you will learn how to shoot your way to the top of search engines by analyzing your competition. Jeremy always distances himself from the SEO Guru title, because he does not believe in theories or over analyzing patents, but rather learning from others experiences and integrating them. He shares how he has dominated his competition for some of the most competitive and profitable keywords, and he shows how to do it in your competitive space. Also, be sure to watch until the end when Jeremy answers a litany of questions related to the SEO industry.

Visit http://www.affiliatesummit.com/webinars for details on other Affiliate Summit webinars.

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