Becoming a Full-Time Affiliate Marketer

by Shawn Collins on July 29, 2011

Q: Shawn, I would first like to thank you for you willingness to share your experience and success, it’s much appreciated. You mentioned not to proceed with your Extra Money Answer blog if you’re looking to get rich, I get that, but I’m looking to reach the point where I can reduce myself to one job (short to medium term) and potentially see affiliate marketing as a full time business some day. Is that feasable? Or should I only expect to make an extra $50-$100 or so a month? I realize I have to put in the time and effort (your information is a great help).

Shawn CollinsA: There are quite a few people who are making their livelihood through affiliate marketing.

However, most people are not at that level, so I created Extra Money Answer to provide a realistic expectation of the potential for an affiliate marketer.

Most affiliates are making $25, $50 or $100 a month… if they’re making anything at all.

The possibility to support yourself with affiliate marketing as a career is out there, but don’t expect it to happen quick or easy.

I would suggest the path I took where I worked for many years at a full-time job and did my affiliate stuff on the side.

This was in addition to a number of other part-time jobs, including freelance Web design, managing some sites for companies, weekend editor of the sports section for, etc. to supplement my income.

Eventually, I was able to grow the affiliate marketing activity to be a job by itself.

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