Charity Auctions to Benefit Emergency Services in Austin, TX

by Shawn Collins on September 26, 2011

It’s been a few weeks now since wildfires broke out in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas.

My family, neighbors, and I am eternally grateful for Travis County Emergency Service District No.6, who courageously fought the central Texas wildfires of September 2011.

Steiner Ranch Fire Station

There were lots of fundraisers and events shortly after the wildfires, but things have quieted down since then.

But the needs Travis County Emergency Service District No.6 are ongoing, so I wanted to start off a series of auctions to raise some funds for those heroes.

Here are a couple auctions to start:

Both will end on October 7, 2011. Opening bid for each will be $5.00, and there is no minimum after the opening bid.

The winners of any auctions will pay directly to these heroes via PayPal on their site at

More Info: Click here

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