Create Affiliate Site with Datafeeds

by Shawn Collins on November 27, 2011

Q: I have been let down by my developer, so now I’m seeking someone to create my web store using XML feeds from my Affiliate programs. I use Linkshare, Commission Junction and Affiliate Window. I already have the design, I just need the widget created for wordpress. Can you recommend someone or a company who does this?

Shawn CollinsA: Rather than getting this all created from scratch, I would highly recommend taking a look at Datafeedr.

Datafeedr is a paid WordPress plugin that I use. I’ve been happy with the ease of use of the plugin.

I wanted to break into datafeeds as an affiliate for more years than I care to admit, but the various solutions I tried previously still left datafeeds as a complicated mystery for me.

Datafeedr enables affiliates to create and embed an affiliate store into a WordPress blog, and there is no need to mess with the datafeed files or outsource a custom build from a programmer.

Don’t reinvent the wheel for a whole lot more money.

Video: Create Affiliate Site with Datafeeds

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