The Story of Skimlinks and Pinterest

by Shawn Collins on February 25, 2012

There has been a lot of chatter about Pinterest and Skimlinks lately, but it seems much has been speculation and misinformation, so I figured it would be good to hear straight from Skimlinks.

Alicia NavarroI asked Alicia Navarro, Founder & CEO of Skimlinks a few questions…

How long were you working with Pinterest?

Pinterest has been a client since they first launched the site a few years ago. Their use of Skimlinks is paused at the moment, as they evaluate their monetization strategy (now that they have a whopping $37M in the bank – hats off to our friends at Pinterest!) and pour through the vast analytics that we’ve been able to provide into their users shopping behaviors. We have a great relationship with Ben and the guys at Pinterest, they are fans of what we do, and we are excited to see the role that affiliate marketing might play in their long term strategy.

Has Pinterest been the biggest site to date to monetize with Skimlinks?

In short, no, but they are definitely up there and have a great profile and brand. We have several other publishers that are of the same scale.

Which type of site typically has the best result with Skimlinks? Blogs publishing original content?

We see the best results with user-generated content sites: forums, social discovery, social commerce, etc; but blogs with original content do very well also, they just tend to be on a smaller scale.

What’s new with Skimlinks?

We have been busy busy busy! SkimWords has been a great success, and we are doubling down on new product development at the moment. We are also rolling out a set of APIs to help all sorts of web apps and sites monetize in a variety of different ways, as well as gain detailed insights into how users are interacting with their site. Our goal is that we offer a rich and diverse platform to help any type of site monetize seamlessly without disrupting the user experience. We are excited to see how our technology will power the next big startup through their growth phase and allow them to reach Pinterest-esque status! I wish I could say more about our plans, but we’ve got to keep something under wraps :)

Thanks, Alicia!

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