Learning After Being Humbled by Failure

by Shawn Collins on March 27, 2012

I’m not used to losing in soccer, and I don’t like it. I played from first grade through senior year of high school, and collected lots of trophies.

Last fall, I was a coach for the first time, and I led my son Jack’s team of 5 year olds to an unbeaten regular season.

This spring, I switched up kids and I’m coaching my daughter Kerri’s 8-9 year old girls team. I approached this season with a similar formula to my coaching debut last year, because it worked then.

But it didn’t work this time around. We had our first game, and it was ugly. We lost 9-0. Awful, awful.

I should have known better that a very different team required a very different approach… just like how one size doesn’t fit all in PPC campaigns and other aspects of business.

Time for me to go back to soccer camp and reset the season with game 2.

I just finished up a set of play books for practice this Wednesday, and I’ve got a program rolling out to reward efforts and accomplishments.

Lots of ideas being hatched now that I got that 9-0 slap.

Sometimes it’s helpful to get knocked down, so you get some clarity on what you need to do to succeed.

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