Steps to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

by Shawn Collins on June 29, 2012

Q: I haven’t read so much since coming across your work 2 days ago. You provide great useful information.

Shawn CollinsMy Question: Virtually all of the “How Too” information on affiliate marketing that I have read has been written by people whose product is information about affiliate marketing. Their niche is selling information about affiliate marketing.

I have already decided on a group of related products, but need information on how to actually join an affiliate program. I am not looking to become a blogger or how to author, I am just looking to sell consumers products.

Are there any successful people out there, say selling stained glass products, without the how to information?

A: If you’re just trying to get started as an affiliate, I’ve created a free resource site called Extra Money Answer at

I take you through every step in getting started with an affiliate site.

The site details everything from getting a domain name and hosting to driving traffic and then monetizing the site.

Each section is meant to stand alone, so you can skip to whatever point you are in getting your site going.

Don’t pay anything for any system or program that promises secrets and success.

I created this site to provide an alternative to the bad, costly advice out there.

Video: Steps to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

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