Follow Directions or be Left Behind

by Shawn Collins on August 30, 2012

A couple years ago, my daughter Lexie was really upset when she got points off her homework for failing to write her name at the top.

Face-palmIt was a frustrating way to have a grade dropped, but it was her fault.

It’s understandable when a kid fails to follow directions, and they eventually learn that it’s essential to do so.

But it seems some kids never got corrected.

I was reminded of this today as article proposals have poured in for the next issue of FeedFront magazine.

The posts about submitting an article, as well as the the proposal page, state:

“Do not submit a complete article now – just a one sentence summary.”

However, every third article proposal is two or three sentences.

But we don’t just take points off. We simply don’t consider proposals that fail to follow the simple directions.

Consider yourselves corrected, grown up kids.

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