Lots of Feature Updates from LinkTrust

by Shawn Collins on September 29, 2012

LinkTrust affiliate tracking software just wrapped up a four part series of feature updates titled the Summer of Love.

LinkTrust Summer of LoveThe Summer of Love Finale enables LinkTrust customers to use utilize additional landing pages, hide the click referrer, and manage traffic caps.

The additional landing pages are useful, since more campaigns are optimized for mobile phones and devices, and LinkTrust customers can create a rule to redirect all traffic containing device names like iPhone within the user agent to a specific landing page.

The feature also allows for setting up additional landing pages based on the consumer’s operating system, browser, device or other user agent attribute.

Hiding the click referrer before the consumer traffic redirects to the merchant’s landing page is helpful to prohibit affiliate poaching. The traffic is uninterrupted, the clicks and conversions still record in LinkTrust, but the merchant never receives the click’s referrer and therefore cannot identify where the traffic originates.

Also, before turning new affiliates loose, it’s important to vet their traffic. Traffic caps aid in protecting the relationships with affiliates and advertisers. LinkTrust makes it possible to manage and analyze all traffic caps with the Traffic Cap Report.

More details at http://www.linktrustnews.com/linktrust-summer-of-love-finale/.

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