Affiliates With 100 or More Sites

by Shawn Collins on December 27, 2012

Q: I am a novice and have heard several marketers mentions that they have 100-150 active websites. Can you clarify that statement? Are these all full blogs or modified sites? And, how does one manage them all meaningfully?

Shawn CollinsA: When somebody says they have 100 or so sites, they are likely domains that point to a landing page, rather than fully developed sites.

These pages are also known as squeeze pages, and they are intended to insinuate the affiliate into a transaction that was likely going to happen anyway.

In my opinion, these pages do not provide value to the advertisers or consumers.

I would highly suggest that you aspire to make sites that are resources that help people and solve some problem – the kinds of sites you would use yourself.

Video: Affiliates With 100 or More Sites

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