First the Treadmill Desk, and Now the Treadmill Wii

by Shawn Collins on January 28, 2013

I created a treadmill desk a couple years ago, so I could work and workout at the same time.

Treadmill desk keyboard and monitor

It’s a regular treadmill outfitted with a SurfShelf and other customizations to make it a workspace I can use at 3.5 MPH.

I use it frequently, when I want to work up a sweat, but have too much work to get outside.

My details are up on DailyMile, where lots of other affiliate marketers also post their exercise updates.

Anyhow, there are times when I want to get away from work and do some mindless stuff like video games.

But I hate to just site there and be lazy.

Then, one day recently on Facebook, I saw that Sean Dolan, COO of PushFire, plays games while on his treadmill.

I loved that idea, so I went out and got a Wii to rig up to my treadmill.

Treadmill Wii

I’ve played a few games of Madden 2013 so far, and I’m really enjoying it.

A typical game has been good for about 2 miles at an average of 3.5 MPH (same rate I use to work on the treadmill). I’m going to see if I can speed it up as I get more used to it, but it gets tricky using the controller at too fast of a speed.

So far, I haven’t fallen off, but I’ve come close. Even if I do tumble while making a sack or something, I’m definitely not telling anybody.

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