The New Affiliate Summit Agenda is A Lot Easier to Use

by Shawn Collins on September 28, 2013

I’ve been pulling together the agenda for Affiliate Summit on our site in the same way for as long as I can remember. And it didn’t occur to me that it wasn’t particular user friendly until I saw a Tweet about it before Affiliate Summit East 2013.

Our old agenda was no user friendly

I hadn’t changed it over the years, because nobody ever commented on it.

But after getting this feedback, I started asking around, and lots of people told me they thought it was clumsy and difficult to navigate. So, when I returned home from Philadelphia, I wanted to make a much better one for the future.

So, now we’ve got a brand new layout for Affiliate Summit West 2014, and I think it’s a whole lot more of a useful resource, and hopefully not a hassle for anybody (if it is, let me know!).

For starters, the default view has all of the events collapsed to keep the agenda compact, and the date and time is on every individual listing on the agenda.


But if you click “Expand All” at the top of the agenda, you will see details for each item.


In this mode, you can see further details, and in the case of the educational sessions, you’ll see the descriptions, experience level, target audience, niche/vertical, and speaker(s).

Click on “Read More” for any agenda item, and you will be brought to a page with all of those details, as well as the option to share the page, add it to your calendar, register for the conference, and enter your email address to receive a notification about the event 6 hours before it starts.


The new look also has an option to print if you wish, but bear in mind that we’ll have an app as we get closer to the conference with all of the details, and the agenda will be printed out in the January 2014 issue of FeedFront magazine.

Finally, if you click on “Agenda” at the top, you can change the way you view the overall agenda. Other options are Posterboard, Stream, and Day.


I hope you find this evolution of our agenda more useful. I am pretty excited about it.

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