What is Up With the 18 Minute Sessions at Affiliate Summit?

by Shawn Collins on March 24, 2014

I went to TEDx in Austin a couple years ago and I really liked how the individual speakers gave sessions that lasted about 20 minutes.


They told interesting stories and shared data in this short time-frame, and it left me wanting more on the topics.

A few months later, we tried out that format at Affiliate Summit Central 2012, and got very positive feedback.

Attendees really embraced the opportunity to see sessions stripped of fluff and having the quality information compressed in a shorter period of time.

We’ve been mixing some 18 minute sessions in our agendas at Affiliate Summit ever since, and our Performance Marketing Summit events (coming this April in Austin and June in Denver) are comprised entirely of these quick, power sessions.

Some speakers have expressed concern over the shortened length of time, and a couple have chosen not to speak, because they felt the sessions didn’t have the prestige of speaking for a full hour.

Fortunately, Julie Gurner, who is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, didn’t have that hang-up when she spoke at Affiliate Summit East 2013 in Philadelphia. Her 18 minute session on using neuroscience and psychological principles to optimize your productivity was one of the most well rated sessions of the conference.

If you missed her back then, you’re lucky, because Dr. Gurner will be delivering a keynote at Affiliate Summit East 2014 on Tuesday, August 12, 2014.

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