Maybe You Shouldn’t Go to Affiliate Summit West 2016

by Shawn Collins on November 23, 2015

Affiliate Summit West 2016 offers all sorts of opportunities for digital marketers, but it isn’t the right investment for everybody.

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We hear from many people who are trying to break into affiliate marketing, and they are low on funds at the moment.

In those cases, we urge them to take advantage of our free resources, such as past Affiliate Summit session videos, a subscription to FeedFront magazine, and podcasts on

If you’re just scraping by, you need to invest your time in learning and building your business, because time is the currency you have at the moment.

Work towards being in a place where a conference pass, flight, hotel, meals, etc. are in your budget, but first you need a budget.

Also, you should have defined goals when heading to Affiliate Summit. Those goals should not be to hit every party, but rather which companies and people you want to meet, as well as educational sessions you wish to attend.

Don’t go aimlessly, because that’s just a waste of your money.

Take a look at the list of companies registered so far for Affiliate Summit West 2016. If you have no interest in doing business with at least five of the more than 1,350 companies already registered, you may want to re-think things.

I hope to see you there if, and when, your business is ready for three intense days of non-stop learning and networking with thousands of affiliate marketers.

If you’re not there, yet, I wrote about called Extra Money Answer that goes through the basics of getting your first affiliate site up. You can get it for $1.99 on Kindle.

Also, my partner, Missy Ward, wrote a book titled “Make Money With Your WordPress Blog: Learn How to Monetize Your Blog With Affiliate Marketing” that you can get for $2.99 on Kindle.

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