Affiliate Fraud Triggers You’re Ignoring, But Shouldn’t

by Shawn Collins on May 17, 2016

Monica Eaton will be speaking on “Affiliate Fraud Triggers You’re Ignoring, But Shouldn’t” at 4:005 pm on July 31, 2016 at Affiliate Summit East 2016 in NYC.

Monica Eaton-CardoneSession description: Affiliate fraud affects your campaigns in ways you cannot even fathom. It’s time to expose the secrets fraudsters don’t want you to know and finally put a stop to this needless revenue loss.

Monica Eaton-Cardone is an international entrepreneur, speaker and author with years of experience as an online merchant. At one point, her business sustained such excessive amounts of fraud through affiliate marketing that she lost her payment processing capabilities.

Through trial and error, Monica was able to create a solution that would help protect her business from fraud and ensure sustainable, long-term growth. After stabilizing her own business, Monica offered her services to other online merchants. This was the beginning of Chargebacks911. Now, Monica serves as COO of Chargebacks911, providing risk mitigation and chargeback remediation services to online merchants.

The company has become an industry leader because of its dynamic solutions that are capable of evolving with industry threats. Monica’s previous experience as an online merchant has equipped her with a unique and unrivaled understanding of the complications merchants face on a daily basis.

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