5 Reasons to Stay at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel for Affiliate Summit West 2017

by Shawn Collins on November 21, 2016

One of the great things about attending Affiliate Summit, as opposed to some sort of online training, is the total immersion of a conference.

Affiliate Summit West 2017 at Paris Las Vegas Hotel

A lot of the most valuable things you will learn over the course of three or more days will be from fellow attendees that you meet during breaks, meals, elevator rides, and late night in Le Central near the elevators of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel.

Here are 5 reasons why you are best off booking at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel for Affiliate Summit West 2017.

  1. Comfort – January in Las Vegas can be chilly – average low of 34° F (1° C). None of that matters if you don’t have to leave.
  2. Convenience – Ever get to the conference and forget your badge? Me, too. If you’re staying in the hotel, you can jump back on the elevator, instead of a half hour or hour roundtrip to fetch it. Plus, you can dump off things in your room, charge your phone, get away from the crowds, change you clothes if you spill something, make a phone call, catch a quick nap, or host a meeting there.
  3. Cost – we have negotiated a group rate starting at $160/night. That’s a good rate for Las Vegas, but also you won’t have to pay for cabs back and forth.
  4. WiFi and Gym Included – the room rate includes in-room high-speed Internet each day (2 devices per day) and daily access to the fitness room at the spa for 2.
  5. Serendipity – most of the conference attendees are staying at the hotel, and you never know who you will meet and where. The Café Belle Madeleine coffee line in the morning or a nightcap at the bar late at night. If you are just at the hotel for part of the day at the conference, you’re missing those awesome, random meetings.

Booking at another hotel or Airbnb may save you a few dollars or yield some reward points, but at what cost to your networking, convenience, and productivity?

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