2014 Affiliate Summit AffStat Report

More than eighteen-hundred affiliates were surveyed on their methods, preferences, and strategies for the 2014 Affiliate Summit AffStat Report.

AffStatThis report features the results of the survey.

Most affiliates work in a vacuum, and scant data exists to tell the story of the affiliate marketer.

As an industry, we are rich in speculation, but poor when it comes to aggregating the facts and figures that drive this business.

Review the results in the report. Compare and contrast against your experiences and/or your situation. Consider the implications of some of these results. What do these numbers mean to you and how you consider the state of this industry?

Get AffStat either on Kindle or as a PDF.

Feel free to use material from the report in blog posts, presentations, etc. Just reference that the information came from the 2013 Affiliate Summit AffStat Report.